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Racing seat/Sa helmets /cage; Setup questions.


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Hello all.

I'm trying to set up my car for Honda Challenge (HC) and I read the requirements; roll cage/ racing seat/ add'l safety equipment; I'm sourcing parts for these events.


Wanted to know following from people already running HC:

1: any good brands (Kirkey ? ) & things to look for in a racing seat that are required for HC?

I would want to buy a new seat that can't pass tech inspection.


2: SA helmets, Is a 'full face' SA helmet recommended?


3: Bolt in 6 pt. cage okay? Shops were recommended and it's 2.5k- 3k for custom cage;


I would appreciate any advice/ recommendation that is given because I am new to this.


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Your best bet to get the answers to the questions you seek would be to reach out to the Honda Challenge Series Director in your area.

What region are you in?

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1. MOMO Sparco Racetech would be my choices.

2. I would prefer a full-face helmet but that's me. SA is required.

3. 6-point bolt-in (with 2 door bars) is *ok* but weld-in custom cage built and installed by a reputable fabricator would be my choice.

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Spare no expense on safety equipment... Im still learning.


*My spraco jade suit is thick making it hot and sweaty.

*My bell helmet is a little big and air flow is minimal... hot and sweaty.

*I finally have a skinny enough seat that I actually removed padding so Im tighty.

*CAGE... custom weld in from all the way!!! from someone that knows what they are doing!!! with experience.

*Belts 6point I believe wont smash the kids as much as my 5 point.(I have a Crow 5pt camlock that the laps were custom shortened 1inch each side from Crow so the adjusters wont hit the seat hole and hans compatible shoulders... I'm not a fan of the Crow's "camlock" but I like Crow brand)

*I have a Pyrotech window net because its 1in web with the netting

*Gloves are external stitched

*Shoes... love Pyrotech but the wear fast, have simpson now.

*Head and neck restraint... I have a sport hans with sliding tether but will be going to hybrid soon.

*I'd do Carbonex or how ever you spell it over nomex.


ummm if you can... try on everything until something works for you. ???borrow stuff if you to try it out.

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