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For Sale. American Iron Mustang Roller.


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What matters:

Mid-Ohio fast time 1:35.913

Road America fast time 2:32.954 (.01 off track record)

Autobahn full course 2:43.378

Times with 311 RWHP based on previous rules.


With engine and transmission the car weights 2765 lb.'s.

American Grand Sport series Champion

Wins at Road America, Mid-Ohio, Blackhawk Farms, Gingerman Raceway, Grattan Raceway, Autobahn, etc.

I have 8 boxes full of trophies and placques this car has won. No they don't come with the car.



1993 Ford Mustang


Mildly cambered 94 Cobra rear end with Torsen T2-R diff 3:73 gears.

31 spline Moser axles

Odyssey lightweight battery with aluminum enclosed box.

Stoptech 13” brakes with spare calipers and rotors. (that’s $4k in brakes alone)

Braided brake lines

Koni DA struts

Maximum Motorsports Coil-over kit

Hyper coil springs with spares.

Maximum Motorsport K-Member

Maximum Motorsport forward offset SN-95 control arms

Maximum Motorsport Bumpsteer kit (tie rod arms)

Maximum Motorsport steering shaft

Maximum Motorsport caster/camber plates

Maximum Motorsport sway bar mounts

96 Ford Spindles with newish hubs

Full D.O.M cage including chrome moly NASCAR style door bars. Very well built.

Through the floor sub-frame connectors attached to the new rear torque box.

Aluminum rear adjustable lower control arms elongated, spherical bearings and adjustable pickup points

Upper third link adjustable length, heights, angles, with spherical bearings.

Custom upper third link mount on axles. Removable.

Koni DA rear shocks

Maximum Motorsport chassis mount for Koni DA shocks

Maximum Motorsport Coil over kit and new perch

Hypercoil springs

Moss Racing rear wing with custom mounts. Two sets, one tall one shorter. Pictures show tall one.

Custom front splitter with dive planes. Both splitter and dive planes come off very easily for easy tie down and transportation.

Sparco Pro-2000 seat. Wrap around with side bolsters for your head. Expired but in good condition.

BSM solutions side net

Momo suede steering wheel

Quick release hub for steering wheel

Autometer ulta lite tach

Autometer ultra lite oil pressure, water temp gauge

Innovate Wide band with digital readout

Painless wiring and fused panel

G-Force FIA 6 point camlock belts

Lexan windshield with window supports.

Maier racing fiberglass fenders

Kirkman composite Carbon Fiber front bumper cover

Custom front bumper

Super lightweight figerglass hood with zues fasteners

Custom radiator ducting tied into splitter

Tow hooks

10 lb manual SPA fire extinguisher

Wilwood brake proportioner mounted directly by seat

Longacre wide rear view mirror


Freshly painted and looks very nice

4 ARE sport wheels (19 lb’s a piece) 17x9

4 275/40/17 Toyo RA1 with one weekend on them

7 Konig Villains (21 lb’s) 17x9

4 275/40/17 full tread with one race weekend on them. Look brand new just scuffed


Currently the car could run in American Iron, historic classes and many others. It's a very nice roller, but I can make a deal to add the motor as well. As a chassis, it's been very reliable, and very quick. Would make a great road race car, or track weekend car.

Car is located near Moline, Illinois.

Email mlfracingteam At Ya hoo dot com


Asking $10,500. Open to realistic negotiation and or trades.


I was going to keep it for nostalgic reasons, but I'm running out of space as the build for the new car continues.




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Price now includes 302 Shortblock.

Lightweight crank, Diamond pistons, custom 5.4 light weight rods, custom cam etc.

Would also make an outstanding track day car.

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This is a great car at a great price.


Mark, plans to be at any NASA Midwest events this year?


Also, you may want to change the title to eliminate the word "roller"

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Thanks Dave, we certainly had some fun races. I'll have the new car out this year in the midwest. It's nearly finished, just doing all the inevitable odds and ends. It's taken 14 months to build. I had forgotten how expensive these things are to build, and how much time it takes!

Here's the cars Facebook page. The above fox body car has pictures there as well. https://www.facebook.com/MLFRacingTeam49

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Yes we did have some great races.

New car looks fantastic. I can surely relate to the comment about, how long it takes to build a car. Took me about 9 months to build my CMC car, which was supposed to be a quick and simple build. Apparently I proved that theory wrong.

Hope to see you at the track.


Who ever gets this car, will have a great weapon

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