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Looking for a Seat in GTS


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i am looking for a seat in the GTS series,

must be the top class of the series, good resume, semi/pro driver looking for more seat time and learn tracks in US.

i have sponsors product to bring to the deal,


email - [email protected]



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You might wan't to post your approximate location here in the US.


If you're a "pro" driver your best bet is to offer coaching, setup, analysis.


For the most part in GTS cars are driven by their owners. Actually NASA in general almost all of the cars are driven by their owners as this is "club" racing.


There are exceptions and I do see a couple cars every now and again driven by stigs. For example we have a couple guys in our region that just like to run the cars and don't drive them in the races.


Hope that helps !

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You might consider posting some information about yourself here. ...I know lots of drivers who consider themselves "pro" and aren't. Bringing sponsors products to the table might be useful if those are high-end suspension components, not so much if they are Tortilla Chips. Do you have a budget? What's your experience?


I have no interest but I can bet that no one else will either considering your vague post.

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