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Bondurant Race School Gift Certificates

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Over 70% off the retail value of a set of three $1,000 gift certificates (total $3,000 retail value) for the Bob Bondurant Race School in Phoenix, Arizona, regarded by many as the best race school in North America. Sale price: $800


The set of 3 certificates can be applied to any of the Bondurant multi day courses listed below. The certificates are fully guaranteed as authentic by this seller and can be independently verified as such directly with race schools customer service . No additional discounts or offers can be used with these certificates. The certificates are open date certificates, but must be used between June 1, 2014 through August 31, 2014. Not refundable and not redeemable for cash. The certificates can be transferred..


The certificates can applied to the retail cost for the following Bondurant multi day courses:


3 Day High Performance Driving

This course combines advanced street-driving skills with car-control techniques refined through years on the racetrack. Behind the wheel of a 411-horsepower Chevrolet Camaro SS, students will cover autocross, slalom, and accident avoidance, along with plenty of track time on the 1.6 mile Bondurant Road Course. The third day of the High Performance Driving course offers extended track time, and students wear fire suits and helmets.




4 Day Executive Protection/Anti-Kidnapping

This extensive course is designed to prepare executives, their families, staff and chauffeurs and special military operations personnel to detect, deter or avoid potential confrontations or assault, whether criminal or terrorist. Hands-on training in our police-package Chevy Tahoe SUVs and Cadillac CTS sedans includes maximum car control techniques, forward and reverse 180s, evading and ramming, counter-terrorist driving tactics, and understanding the nature of attacks and how to avoid them. Training concludes with real-world attack scenarios designed to test and reinforce your newly acquired skills.





2 or 3 Day Advanced Road Racing

It’s specifically geared for current racers and graduates of the4 day Grand Prix or other accredited racing school. Personalized instruction, real-world race scenarios and nearly five hours of seat time per day in a Corvette Grand Sport are the meat and potatoes of Advanced Road Racing.





2 or 3 Day Advanced Formula Car Racing

This course will challenge any level of driver. Improving lap times, defining vehicle limits, race craft, and passing techniques are combined with personalized instruction, real-world race scenarios, and an unheard-of five hours of seat time per day in a Bondurant Formula Mazda. Graduates of Bondurant's Grand Prix Road Racing course, or qualified racing programs of other accredited racing schools, are eligible





3 or 4 Day Grand Prix Road Racing

Drive a race-prepared Corvette Stingray along with the open-wheel excitement of a Formula Mazda, this is the signature Bondurant course, including:


Progressively build your skills to levels you never thought imaginable

Maximum car control training and track time

Weight transfer, ABS braking, and accident avoidance

Heel-&-toe downshifting, skid control, and mock starts

Race line theory, cornering and passing techniques

Real use of club race rules, racing etiquette and race flags

No prior experience necessary!


Completion of this course qualifies a successful student for a Regional club race race license. Your experience will be noted in a logbook and with your Instructors endorsement, you will be able to go right on to an Regional club race license.




Email Dave at [email protected] to buy or for more info.

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