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SOLD: Race Technology DL1, DASH2, and OBDII Adapter


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Price SOLD


Questions here are welcome. To purchase please email me at email at jameselterman dot com. No PM.


DL1 Data Logger

> Manufactured March 2008

> 100Hz 2g 3 axis accelerometers

> 5Hz GPS processing

> Firmware has been updated

> Top, bottom and sides are scuffed up from being exposed inside a race car but it works like new.

DASH2 Display

> Manufactured September 2010 (I bought this years after the DL1)

> Looks and works like new. Seriously gorgeous display.

OBDII Adapter

> If your car is new enough to have an OBDII port you can plug this in to easily capture factory sensor data.

3 CF Memory Cards

> 2x 2GB high speed cards. Enough room for an endurance race.

> 1x 128Mb card. Good for loading firmware or DL1/DASH2 configuration files.

DASH2 Button Set

> 4 Buttons

> Official buttons sold by Race Technology

> Water resistant

GPS Antenna

All Necessary Wiring


> DASH2 hard copy manual included

> I will email you links to PDF version of DL1 and DASH2 manuals from Race Technology website.


> I will email you the link to download the latest version of the software from Race Technology (I have the CDs but they are now obsolete).



James Elterman

St. Louis, MO

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