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FS Or Rent 2 World Challenge GT Pontiac GTO's Complete Team


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Group-A Racing is selling both of its World-Challenge GT GTO's. Full spares packages available including wheels, gearboxes, rearends, springs, molds for the body work, Ohlins shocks, Alcon brakes etc. The cars have the Motec system in them also.


Cars can be bought seperate or both cars together. We can do programs when you own the car(s) and we prep/service the car at the track for arrive and drive, or we own the equipment for arrive and drive.


These cars started as twins running in World Challenge by us and AutoSport Development. Top-5 & Top 10 cars in WCGT driven by Joey Scarallo, Stu Hayner, Dane Moxlow and others.


These cars have made 3 starts in NASA in there post WCGT life results in a track record, 2 overall wins and 3 class wins, despite still having been in complete WCGT trim at the time. After that the black car competed in a reality TV Show Race Series called Circuit Battles competing again Lou Giglouti, Paul Brown, Court Wagner and others. We dominated this championship with these cars as well.


The red/silver car is still in 100% WCGT Spec


The black car has some updates such as:

Bigger front splitter & dive plans added to the nose

Bigger wheels

Brand new CRD engine with 30 minutes on it putting out 735HP with 660lbs of torque

Diffuser strakes



In Regards to rental/arrive & drive information, contact us for more info. To many potential options to list in this add.


In-Car/TV Footage of the cars:


Circuit Battles Fontana Track Record Lap:


Circuit Battles Fontana Seeding Race:


NASA Pocono Race Highlights:


NJMP Lighting Global Time Attack:


Circuit Battle Episode 1 Part 1:


Circuit Battle Episode 1 Part 2:


Circuit Battle Episode 1 Part 3:


Plenty of pictures just can't figure out how to upload them on the forum here.


Motivated to make things happen with these cars, so get in touch to make something happen. So many different packages available with 1 car, 2 cars, molds, no molds, which motors in the car, spares, no spares etc. These are great cars with great history to them and ready to hit the track.


Shop: 631-957-3901

Jonny Cell: 631-974-4379

Joey Cell: 631-974-4386

House: 631-265-7808

E-Mail: [email protected]

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Have had some interest but no buyers yet. This is such a steal there is SO MUCH stuff that goes with it. So many spare wheels, body panels, all the molds to make new body panels, suspension A-arms, radiators, calipers, rotors, diff's, axle's, spindles and so much more. Lets make something happen you will be blown away when you see just how much stuff god with these cars. And again the package can be split up if you don't want both cars and everything.


We can also do all the prep work for you. So you can own the equipment, we prep it and do all trackside support for you to go win races including the National Championship.



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Overal pole time at NJMP Lightning this past weekend was a 1.08.9. This car did a 1.05.7 last time it was there. Plus it was 102 degrees that day making track conditions very slow, and power down as well.


Tremendous value for the money.


You can see the video of the car doing those kind of lap times at NJMP here to prove its not BS

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Article done on what was GM High Tech magazine now known as GM EFI on our GTO's http://www.gm-efi.com/features/car-feature-scarallos-road-racing-gto/


The cars are still available for sale or for rent. Have other projects we have started and need to make moves. Lets make something happen.


Shop: 631-957-3901

Home: 631-265-7808

Cells: 631-974-4379 or 631-974-4386

[email protected]

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