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Only car in region


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Experience is in heavy RWD V8 muscle cars, but having driven some 4 cylinder FWDs in autocross many years ago, I know they can be fun. I want to get into competitive, door-to-door road racing and the Honda Challenge series looks attractive because of the 1) wide variety of available Honda and Acura platforms to choose from, 2) low cost for some of these vehicles (less than $5k to buy and less than another $5k to prep with all required safety gear), 3) FWD cars can be towed on a dolly for long distances with no issues (space is a premium in my driveway), 4) varied classes for levels of modifications, etc.


My question is this: if I am the only Honda in my region's events, will there be an opportunity for me to even race? How does it work - do they just put me out there with some other classes? In my region it seems that 944 and E30 are the most popular classes.



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It depends on your region. For the AZ reason if a car registers and is the only car in class... it races in that class. We regularly have one spec Miata racing in AZ while being surrounded by Honda Challenge, 944 Spec and PT cars. Your best bet is to ask someone in your region. Most NASA regions race with multiple classes on the track at the same time. So, if you race HC in a region that has lots of HC you might race with HC and E30 . In another region it might be PT cars, spec Boxter and HC.

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I have the only H4 car in the Southeast at the moment. I usually allow them to put me in H1 or H2 to build group size for those classes even though I am not even remotely competitive in those classes. Since we run many classes I usually end up racing against some GTS1 cars, and some 944 spec cars, and can get close to some of some of the slower spec Miatas. So while I am pretty much screwed when it comes to trophies and contingency money I still have fun out there racing and in the end isn't that why we do it?


But like jonnyleemiller90 said check in your region. Even if there are no other Hondas racing see if there are any PT cars you may be competitive with. Or even better find some other guys looking to get into it and con, um convince (yea thats what I meant) them to build cars too.

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