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H4 Rollcall


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ANYone out there?


I'm told some are running PT... Looks like no H4 at Nationals for a while




I've got access to a car that would likely be good for H4 so I'm curious...





What say the masses?

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I have an H4 car, but since nobody else in the Southeast does I usually get classed up into H2, or H1. I have plans to convert the car up to an H1 as soon as funds allow.

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We have had a consistant 3-4 cars in H4 all season here in the Great Lakes Region. If I can get my new motor in the car in time for our next event at PITT Race on July 19-20 then we will have 5 cars in H4 at an event for the first time since 2007. A few of the guys had discussed going to the Eastern States Championships, but since no one has signed up yet I'd imagine they'll just continue locally for the remainder of 2014 and hopefully make a run at the Championships in 2015.





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