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Video of Roebling Road Raceway (RRR) School Line


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First 2 laps are driven by me at speed in April 2013. The second 2 laps are a year later in April 2014, driven by Jon Krolewicz (Principle of Seat Time Performance Driving Days) at a more leisurely pace so the line is clearer to see.


Notice anything different about the track between the two vids? (Hint: What's different about the turn-in point of T9?)


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Are you talking about the missing pine tree or the different lines?


DING! DING! DING! We have a winner! The tree just behind the corner station at the turn-in of T9 went missing a couple of months after the NASA event last year. Now, instead of looking for the tree to turn-in, use the corner station instead.

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