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25 Hour LED lighting

Kevin 34

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Last year there was a last minute change to the rules concerning forward facing LED driving lights. It was later then changed back to the original rules before the race. At that time it was stated in an email I believe that a decision would be made for a possible new lighting rule for the 2014 25 Hours of Thunderhill early in the season so teams would not get caught with thousands of $ in lighting at the last minute that would need to be changed. It is now time to start prepping a 3rd car for our team and would like to know if anyone has heard what the lighting rule will be.



Anyone looking for a seat to rent out this year feel free to contact me. We are working on bringing 3 cars this year from Texas. One of cars took 2nd place in E3 last year and another was running in 1st place the first 3.5 hours until the electrical grimlin took over for a couple of hours. It's never too early to start preparing.

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