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Round 3 Thompson Speedway June 20-22


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We got a new track to play on!!! Well not exactly . .. . Any way three day race weekend!! Lots of new things with this facility and new protocols stay tuned for emails.




REGISTER HERE:http://nasaproracing.com/event/1815


Drivers List - Updated Wednesday June 18 3:00pm


Thunder Race Group


SU William Kramer

SU Thomas Statnick

SU Emmet Murphy

SU Lawrence Lepurage

SU Yiannis Tsiounis

SU Vince Allegretta

SU David Richardson

SU John Kabacinski

SU Jake Parrott

ST1 Ziggy Miejski

ST2 Paul Plemenos

ST2 Jim Schenck

ST2 David Fazzino

ST2 John George

ST2 Marc Fuchswanz

ST2 Michael Fuchswanz

ST2 Patrick McMahon

ST2 John Gatzmeyer

ST2 Doug Winston

ST2 Scott Mohr

FFC Wayne Paterson

AI Matthew Gaetano

AI Albert Watson

AI Todd Honczarenko

AI Jack Pattman

AI Peter Tonelli

GTS4 Jack Haberman

GTS4 AJ Ashley

GTS4 Michael Kuna

GTS3 Kazimieriz Sperling

GTS3 Michael Gershanok

GTS3 Ronald Cohen

GTS3 Gabe Pettner

GTS3 Chris Peterson

GTS3 William Schachat

GTS3 Lou Adler

GTS3 Michael Goulde

GTS3 Chad Waddell

GTS3 Hugh Stewart

GTS3 Luiz Serva


Lightning Race Group


GTS1 Nicholas Porcella

GTS1 Scott Smith

GTS2 Wayne Sonntag

GTS2 Gerald Cohen

GTS2 Luke Pardi

GTS2 Keith Hammitte

GTS2 Aaron Turek

GTS2 Michael Sousa

GTS2 Dan Harnick

GTS2 Ann Lamport-Hammitte

HC1 John Oldt

HC2 Brian Casella

HC2 Zephyr Belski

HC2 Michael Maduske

HC2 Michael Fries

HC2 Erik Olson

HC2 Lenny Hong

Spec Iron Olaaf Rossi

Spec Miata Peter Tonelli

Spec Miata Tony Senesse

Spec Miata Yiannis Tsiounis

Spec Miata Marc Cefalo

Spec Miata Wayne Holland

Spec Miata Paul Redante

Spec Miata Dominick Vellucci

Spec Miata Jr. dePaulo

Spec Miata Devin Gregory

SpecE30 Chris Allen

SpecE30 Sean Curran

PTB Jeff Ricca


Time Trials


TT2 Alan Cohen

TT2 Lee Palmiter

TT2 Jon Robbins

TT3 Brian Puca

TT3 Joe Ascoli

TT3 Devin Kelly

TTB Nick DeRosa

TTB Olaaf Rossi

TTB Amy Dilks

TTB Chris Harte

TTC Mike Patterson

TTC Jonathan Cowen

TTC Stuart Phillips

TTD Marc Cantor

TTD Mark Saladino

TTD Mike Torricelli

TTU George McGugan

TTU David Fazzino

TTU John Kabacinski

TTU Mark Forenbaher

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Please add updated time Your the best Brian!! cant wait to whoop you at Thompson, track will suit the ffr cars well

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Will we be able to drop off trailers and/or RV camp at Thompson on Thursday night? If so, what time do the gates open on Thurs. pm?




W. Sonntag

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Based on the latest email received yesterday:


Thurs June 19 at 6pm gates open.


Camping is allowed BUT BE ADVISED that there are NO electrical hookups or shower facility installed yet. Garages can be rented from track but you must contact them directly. Gas pumps are available with 3 blends. Air pump is available.

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Any way to post Sat/Sun schedules soon? Id like to tell my peeps when to come by and check the track out since its only 1hr from Boston

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1.7 mile course is planned unless an issue comes up on Friday. Schedules will be on nasane.com as soon as they are finalized

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