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Prepping/Logbook for Race


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My car is nearly prepped for racing. I'm taking it to a performance/race shop for final cage etc, but they are mostly some less fun group and not as familiar with NASA.


How do I properly logbook my car with them so it passes all requirements for my race class?

Do I need to inform a NASA inspector to review the car? Do I just refer the shop to the CCR (unlikely they have time to read all of it)?


Tips appreciated.



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I would do this:


1.) Download the CC&R and print out ANY AND ALL details related to the cage and cage-building


2.) Refer said details to race shop that you are having perform said work...if they don't have "the time" to "read those silly rules and regs" FIND A NEW SHOP


3.) This one is key...find a NASA-Approved race shop that can do the race inspection of the vehicle and have said race shop perform said inspection


4.) ???



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Thanks. Kinda what I was thinking also. Two questions though.


1) I know there are specifications and details that need to be done beyond the cage (e.g. cutoff switches etc). I'm pretty sure I don't know all of them (ride height, floorpan specs etc). It would seem the shop needs to know every "required" detail to implement on the car. The CCR is big and I can try and read it all and convey the important parts to the shop. (It's not that they won't read it, just that they race professionally and I have to make it easy for them due to limited time). Is there a cheat-sheet somewhere with the big ticket items? I don't want them to strip the interior/dash only to find out later that I needed switch XYZ.


2) Where can I find a list of NASA-Approved shops?


I'm in northern virginia.

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Don't forget to find the rules and regs for your specific race class as they sometimes will have a few extra points of interest you need to know on top of the CCR.

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