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French Engine Shop Tour - Matra V12 engine sounds and close

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All motor fans should appreciate this. Matra V12, 3.0 liter V12, 530+ bhp, 13,000 rpm in F1 trim, 11,000 rpm in endurance trip. Back in 1971.



I went with my friend Momo to drop off his B16A which will have the luck to be machined at this shop. Upon arriving I was blown away immediately I realize I have come to a very special place. It is located in the outskirts of Paris less than an hour away it its out in the green fields and the work shop kind of looks like a barn on the out side. It houses all sorts of engine machining equipments and high end R&D devices such as the top of the line SuperFlow flow bench for example.


I had lot of fun talking to this former Formula One engine builder /machinist / materials engineer. His machine shop is quite unbelievable I almost thought I was dreaming it up. Momo's B16A engine will be receiving some loving from this master . 歡樂時光跟這一位前一級方程式賽車引擎機技師/機械師/材料工程師聊天。他的機械加工車間是相當令人難以置信,我幾乎以為我在做夢。


Upon reviewing the video I just realized I pan around too much and too quickly. Sorry guys I'll try a more steady approach next time...

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