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FS: E46 BMW 330 calipers, braided hoses, rotors, pfc Pads


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330 calipers, braided hoses, rotors, pfc z-rates and performance friction 06 pads


The calipers are off my 2003 330i ZHP. Under 80k miles.


I bought new oem rebuild kits for all four calipers, but the calipers were in such great shape, never installed them. I have $100 into all four rebuild kits

34-11-6-750-151-M9 (34116750151)

34-21-6-750-163-BOE (34216750163)


Steel braided brake lines / hoses.


I would like to sell the calipers, rebuild kits, and hoses as one, if possible. $300 + shipping for all four calipers, all four rebuild kits, and all four steel braided lines.


The rotors are signature series and have been Cryogenically treated by Winberg Crankshaft http://www.winbergcrankshafts.com This treatment can double the life of the rotor. Winberg makes some of the best crankshafts in the world and their cryo treatment is very thorough. The rotors have under 4000 miles on them and measures full thickness and do not have any wear lips. The cryo treating alone was over $200. $400 + shipping for all four rotors.


I have three sets of pads for sale.

I measured all four pads of each set and the thickness listed is the thinnest of the set. All the pads in each set measured within .2mm (0.008") of each other. As you can see most sets are like new.


OEM Front pad shape 394 (19.09mm) Measures new so $55

Rear shape 548 (13.56mm) $20


Performance Friction (PFC) Z-Rated aggressive street and autox pads

PFC0394.11 Front (16.07mm) $50

PFC0548.11 Rear (16.06) Virtually new $70


PFC 06 Long life track pads.

PFC0394.06.20.44 Front (17.84mm) $282 is best online price. $150 here

PFC0548.06.16.44 Rear (15.15mm) $201 best online price $100







Z-rated pads.




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