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Price drop:1995 318ti with S50 swap track car - Phily 'burbs


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For sale is my 318ti track car with an S50 swap. This car is perfect at the track, but driving it to the there and back is getting to be a chore. It would be better with somebody who is going to trailer it, or somebody who doesn't mind driving a car without many amenities. At my age, I don't want to drive to the track and back in a car without air conditioning, power stewing, sound insulation, etc.


The car:

started as a 1995 318ti. It belonged to the previous owner's sister, and was her daily driver. It was converted to track duty by the previous owner, who basically gutted the interior, installed a roll bar, racing seats, etc.

He did an engine swap from a '95 M3 with the same mileage. He used it for track days then got married and sold it to me.

Here is the list of what he did:



•Complete reinforced front and rear subframe (Bimmerworld)

•OBD1 M3 S50 Engine and Transmission

•Bimmerworld Race urethane Motor and tranny mounts

•M3 driveshaft and new guibo

•M3 Slave cylinder

•M3 brake cylinder

•Non -M z3 short ratio steering rack

•BMW Motorsport X Brace

•Intake with HF MAF

•Upgraded S52 fuel injectors

•Supersprint Generic Headers with header wrap

•TMS ECU chip for these upgrade plus raised rev limit

•Oil pump gear nut anti-back off kit

•Light weight Flywheel

•High flow aluminum radiator

•Upgraded Medium Case S3.73 LSD Diff

•Custom Exhaust 2.5in

•Bav Auto Suspension with Bilstiens

•Front lollipop offset urethane bushings

•H&R Front and Rear sway bar

•Rear swaybar mount reinforcement kit

•Ground Control Urethane/Alloy Rear Shock Mounts

•Bimmerworld Race Rear subframe Bushings

•Euro M3 vented front rotors with upgraded BMW calipers

•Autopower 4 Point Roll Bar

•5 Point Sparco belts

•Sparco steering wheel

•Corbo Racing seats with fixed mount



Since I have had the car (a little over one year), I have done the following:


new tires: (Goodrich G-force Rivals)

New rotors

New pads (hawk DTC 60, front, F=Performance Friction Z-rated, rear)

New Seat (Corbeau, Drivers side)

New 6-pont Harnesses (G-force)

New headers and exhaust

Electric radiator fan (with switch in cabin)

New transmission bushings (Rogue Engineering)

New starter

Oil change last week (synthetic)


Both the body and the motor have about 175K miles. The engine has been absolutely reliable (other than needing a new exhaust, radiator hose, and starter) and has never given me any problems. It pulls well and shifts well.

The wear items and known weak points of the body and engine have been addressed.


The car is street legal and just got its PA inspection. If you want to drive it to the track, it's certainly doable, although the car is loud, stiff, and lacking in creature comforts. On the plus side, it holds everything I need for an event (tires, tools, gas can, helmet, etc), with a lot of room to spare.


On the track, it is light, fast, and nicely set up. It is certainly not pretty; there are a few dings and dents; the paint is old and needs a respray, and the interior has been mostly removed.


I have put a lot of time and money into the car, and have all receipts. It is a joy to drive on the track, but I am ready to move to a vehicle with a few more luxuries. I'm not going to buy a truck and trailer, so this car is getting put up for sale.


I'm in for over $9000.


Asking $5300 OBO


reply to: numb.and.number at gmail dot com.

















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