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2004 LeGrand Decker DSR-1 For Sale $19,900 (IL)


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2004 LeGrand Decker DSR-1 For Sale $19,900 (IL)


I’m offering my LeGrand DSR for sale. The car is currently setup up for SCCA Solo BModified. Can be easily converted to SCCA w2w DSR, P2, NASA ST, or vintage/historic with some sanctioning bodies. 800lbs with fuel and fluids. Approximately 140 whp (155-160 crank hp). <6lbs per HP!









High quality, turnkey racecars rarely become available. You can literally take this out and race it next weekend. Battery is fully charged, start it, and go set FTD!


Will be available Saturday October 4th. I plan on running the September Chasing the Dragon Hillclimb in N. Carolina and a few time trials before the selling the car.



Started life as a 1979 LeGrand MK18 with Kawasaki power (vintage/historic eligible). According to the logbook it was road raced through the 90’s and was converted to run Solo I around 2000.




In 2004 it was converted to Solo BModified. In the late 2000’s Joe Gonzalez bought it and took it to NY. Joe Gonzalez and Per Schroeder from Grassroots Motorsport drove this car at the SCCA Solo National Championships (when it was Blue/Yellow, before the LSD) in 2009.





Per's post on the GRM board:




Joe Gonzalez and Bill Grendon from Small Fortune transformed the LeGrand in 2011 with a Wavetrac/Small Fortune Racing LSD rear end, Fast Forward billet rear uprights with HD internals, Taylor Racing axles, rear chassis upgrades, and gorgeous Ferrari Red Decker bodywork.











This racecar not only looks good sitting still, it is pretty competitive for the class. The Chicago/Milwaukee area is a hot bed for BM and this car is always with a few tenths. Don’t let the wings fool you, BM is a driver’s class, not just a builder’s class! Add shocks with more travel and some aero upgrades and a good driver will be in contention for a championship every fall.





Easy to own, easy to drive, easy service! Before I bought this car Per Schroeder told me these cars drive like a Miata, but a Miata with a power to weight ratio better than a Viper! Retains the charging system and has a brand new LiPO 2lbs battery. Starts and runs without jump starting. Full electric fans and h2o pump. The electric h2o pump is the ultimate for Solo. Just turn on the pump for a couple minutes between runs and keep the engine cool. Has never been over 210F while I have owned it. Reliable enough for a single driver to run it every weekend. As long as you check the nuts and bolts and check the chain tension, your weekends will be trouble free. The racecar is also reliable enough to run on the race track (but could use more brake cooling). Currently holds the ER track record at Blackhawk Farms with Midwestern Council.


Video from Blackhawk Farms






Decker Fiberglass body painted in Ferrari red. This body, with the louvers makes great downforce even without any wings.


2000 Yamaha R1 drivetrain with brand new reworked stock carbs with custom tuning. Starts cold, starts hot, has great response, and most important is tuned for midrange power. This torque curve is very manageable and less peaky than typical narrow motorcycle tune. I may have less peak power than the GSXR’s, but am giving up very little under the curve (all that matters in SOLO).







Brand new Barrett heavy Duty clutches. Fresh gaskets.


Carrera coilovers with 550lbs Front & 600lbs Rear 2” diameter springs. Extra spring sets included.


STRONG Front splitter that can take a beating. Add larger 'Pikes Peak' end plates and have serious DF.


2000 Yamaha R1 Engine with electric water pump and electric fans. Cools down super-fast between runs. Functioning charging system for 2lbs LiPO battery. Brand new reworked stock carbs with custom tuning.


New SFR differential housing with Wavetrac LSD unit.


New Fast Forward billet rear uprights with HD internals.


New VW CV's and custom axles by Taylor Racing.


Full assortment of sprockets with top speeds ranging from 110mph to 150mph.


New Yoshimura carbon muffler and ceramic coated custom multi-piece header.


3 sets of 13x7 & 13x10 wheels including a new set of Keiser Magnesium center wheels. Also includes a brand new pair of front 13x8.5 Bogarts that haven't even been used in anger yet!








Includes a new set of Avon slicks and a 25 run set of Hoosier front & Avon Rear slicks. After running both brands, both are fast and have pluses and minuses. You can win on either brand.


3 gallon fuel cell with electric pump and multiple filters.


New Racetek alcantera steering wheel.


Brand new LiPO 2lbs battery.


Wilwood brakes front & rear with upgraded pads. Includes brake bias balancing bar with cockpit adjustment.


Full instrumentation (oil temp, h2o temp, oil pressure, and neutral light) Mil-Spec switches for fans, ignition, h2o pump, fuel pump, and starter.


Large radiator, stays cool autoxing and the racetrack. I turn off the fans when moving over 20mph. Actually stays <200F doing continuous lapping on the track without the fans.


Includes a fully charged fire suppression system installed in the car. I still do track events and like the reassurance of a full fire system. Could be removed to make weight or move ballast.


Pegasus formula car quick jack.


Extensive spares and extra parts.


Aggressively priced to sell at $19,900. Enclosed trailer also available for $4500 extra. Located near Elgin, IL. Buyer pays freight and delivery expenses.


For serious inquiries, please contact:

Allen Skillicorn

loudes13 at yahoo

847 417 5611

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