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NASA Nationals East


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Will Eastern National times show up on Mylaps?


the standard answer for anything to do with my laps is "maybe".

"If you have sacrificed a virgin chicken recently and partaken of exactly half it's blood and then maybe" that is.... ugh.

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My video of the 944Spec Champ race. Started on pole and after a quick spin, worked my way from 12th back to 4th. Needed one more lap for a podium. I took a calculated risk on the debris flag and got bit. One of only two mistakes I made the entire week end and it cost me everything. The other mistake was trying a low percentage pass in Qual Race 2 for the lead which resulted in both 1st and 2nd spinning out and retiring early. I almost made the strategy call there to stay in second and let the tie breaker play out since I had won Qual Race 1.


Championship Race


Qual Race 1

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Sterling Doc

Jason - you are too hard on yourself. Pole in your first nationals , and a great come from behind run is very impressive. The racecraft come with time, and even then, racing luck bites sometimes. Nice run in any case!

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