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FS: ls6 miata hpde track car (northern CA)


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$26,000. The price includes any other spare parts I'm forgetting, and potentially a 16' open carson car trailer (dual axle, electric brakes on one axle).

Update: $22,000. No trailer, no extras, no wings, only one set of wheels.


1995 miata


2004 ls6 crate motor

02 camaro ecu running a speed density tune

y-body style accessories (water pump, alternator, tensioner)

ported afr 205 heads. upgraded dual springs. arp head studs

231/234 comp cam - under 600 lift

kooks long tube headers

fast 92 manifold + tb

ati stock size damper

v8r lsx swap kit

updated v8r rear hubs

450+ whp on 91 octane


tc design chromoly cage

schroth belts

tc design custom mounted seat for tall people who don't normally fit a miata

omp grip driver's seat

2-port halon fire system


racepak iq3 dash logger

2x racepak usm for oil temp, pressure, etc

racepak obd module for water temp and other sensors

lithium (lifepo) battery. always stored off the car and charged

painless engine wiring harness

painless toggle switch and relay power harness


setrab oil cooler

lingenfelter oil adapter + 10AN lines.


949 xida cs coilovers

birchwood splitter

apr gtc-200 wing

v8r 11.75" brake kit with the smaller piston dynalites up front and dynapros in back. prop valve installed by driver

~4lbs carbor fiber top (skin) painted to match car. lexan glass. bolts into cage mounts

949 lexan windshield

fm front v8 sway bar. msm rear sway bar

autokonexion front bumper and fenders. rear fenders bolted into oem fenders

depowered PS rack


gto t56 rebuilt by me (new 3,4,5 gears, synchro housing, blocker rings)

monster twin disc clutch with light flywheel

aluminum driveshaft

ford 8.8 (iron housing) lsd 3.27 gears


949 15x10 Nickel 6ULs w/ hoosier r100 245 tires (heat cycled out)

949 15x9 Silver 6ULs w/ nt01s 225/45. They are several years old. Not sure if they are fast, but they are driveable.

Spacers for 15x9s.



- steel driveshaft.

- racing extras COT-style wing

- stock 2004 ls6 cam

- accusump, lines, and fittings

- shorty headers with midpipes to connect to exhaust

- various mufflers

- lots of other stuff I'm forgetting


This is my HPDE/toy car. Built to be fun and not necessarily fit into any particular racing class. I did not do the original engine swap, but have

removed and installed pretty much everything on the car including the engine, transmission, and differential. It's seen about 10 track days on the

new crate motor. Selling because I need to take a long break from the track and car projects.







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