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The 2nd Annual PARToberfest/944 Parting Party at the Shack


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October is just around the corner- it’s time for another PARToberfest at the Chicken Shack!


Saturday, October 11 we will be having another parting party at the shack- we will be parting out a 1988 944 and swapping the engine and trans into a future 944-Spec race car.


Lunch and beer will be provided (brats, burgers and Sam Adams Octoberfest) and, as always, no experience or tools will be required- just show up ready to work!


We will also have an iRacing simulator on site for those looking to sharpen their driving skills when taking a break.


Racers, TT’rs, DE’rs, or just folks that are interested in checking things out- everyone is welcome.


We will start at 9:00 and finish around 5:00 or so, stop by anytime and work as much or as little as you want.


The Chicken Shack is the SE 944-Spec community shop located in Cumming, GA off exit 13 on GA-400, call or PM me for the address/details/questions: Brian @ 678-360-6368.


Some pics from last year’s Partoberfest:















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Pictures of the iRacing simulator that will be there for any number of purposes. Tracks available include Road Atlanta, Daytona, VIR and many others. A sorry excuse for an award may be given for fast lap of the day in the same vehicle on the same track, yet TBD. He who is bringing the sim was on average the fastest 944 Spec racer at the most recent NASA Eastern States Championships hosted at Road Atlanta and is willing to spend some time coaching if desired.







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Alright- it’s almost here! All PM's and emails have been replied to, if I missed you just give me a call.


Just wanted to answer a few common questions:


1. Don’t worry about bring any tools, food, etc- everything will be provided.


2. You don’t need to have any mechanical expertise at all- the best part about parting out a junk car is that it is a great car to learn on, you can’t break it!


3. While we be there all day there is no obligation for you to be- stop by, hang out, eat, drink, wrench a little. Stay as long or as short as you like.



To get the address or if have any additional questions give me a call on my cell- 678-360-6368. I won’t have access to email/pm after 5:00 today.


Looking forward to it!



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Thanks to everyone who made it out- we had the car apart in record time!


Also didn't finish the keg this time- maybe the 2 are related?


Some pics:


Getting started:






Halfway through- note the tire "counterbalances" on the front. No matter how many time we do this we always seem to forget that if you take the engine out first and leave the trans the car wants to tip backwards off the lift:




Duff on the iRacing rig:








A victory lap:



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