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PTS - 18" Apex Wheels for your American Iron Mustang


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$319 plus shipping


Apex Mustang 18x9.5 ET35 wheel with Toyo 275/35R18 packages available........




Diameter: 18"

Width: 9.5"

Offset: 35mm

Backspacing: 6 10/16"

Lug Pattern: 5x4.5" (5X114.3mm)

Centerbore: 70.5mm

Weight: ~21.5lbs

Profile 2

Available in 3 Finishes:

Race Silver


Satin Black


EC-7 Features & Benefits


Three unique 18" fitments specific to the Ford Mustang


Avoids the necessity to adapt a single offset and width that is dependent on spacers

Minimizes the requirement for spacers to achieve a perfect fit

Spoke design and barrel work together to create additional brake clearance


Lipless design

Maximizes strength in the most vulnerable area of the wheel

Greatly reduces bends and damage from small impacts

Mustang specific center bore - no centering rings required

Clears most big brake kits

Large race lug openings

Accepts oem size lug nuts and large race nuts

No tuner lugs needed

APEX EC-7 wheels are JWL tested and VIA certified


Each size and fitment is tested and certified

Factory Fit


Designed for Mustang applications, the EC-7 accepts TPMS sensors, 21 mm factory lug bolts or stud conversion kits, and OEM center caps

All wheels come with APEX center caps.

Lug recesses are unpainted


Lug recesses are never painted, preventing wheel bolts or lug nuts from loosening

Mounting wheel's does not damage the wheel's finish



Just like the rest of the APEX wheel line, the EC-7 is produced using the Flow-forming technique. Flow-forming, which has also been called 'spin forging', produces a barrel with similar strength to that of a fully forged wheel. This significantly reduces weight in the barrel, which has the greatest impact on rotational mass and performance. By combining the strength of a forged, lightweight barrel and a more robust face design, we've produced a wheel that welcomes endurance racing, hard driving, and even potholes.

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