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I've been going to track days for a few years now, and have competed in 3 crapcan races. I'd like to eventually compete in AI or Spec Iron. I believe I need to get a license through NASA HPDE events and Im going to start working on that.


So here is my question:


I have a car, 89 mustang, with a bunch of racing stuff in it. It has a Racing seat on the driver side, and a sport seat on the passenger side. It has stock seat belts. The next thing I need for my car for safety's sake is a roll bar and popper safety harnesses, but I'm not sure that I want to weld one in yet. Maximum Motorsports sells a kick ass Roll bar with a bolt in harness bar, as well as a fixed on. I could weld it in. Well, there are ALOT of options.


If I show to an HPDE event with a racing seat and a sport seat with stock safety belts, will I be told to go home?

If I show to an HPDE event with a bolt in roll bar and a harness on the driver side, with stock safety belt on the passenger side, will I be told to go home?


The most likely scenario is I come with a bolt in Roll bar and safety harnesses with two racing seats. The driver side is on a slider, would that matter?

Does the roll bar have to be welded?


I am still digging through the CCR, its not a quick read.



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You'd need equal restraints and seating for both fronts, so fixed-back seats for driver and passenger and the same harness/belt setup (dual 5-points, etc). Bolt-in roll bars are allowed, but I can't speak for a fixed-back seat with the stock 3-points.

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Like alot of people, I went through HPDE in my street car, a daily driver SRT8. Still drive it today and it's totally stock. Once I got through HPDE and realized I wanted to race, I looked for, and bought a prepped CMC mustang. I've been racing nearly 2 years and love it!


Cages and special safety equipment is not required for HPDE but certainly not a bad idea. However, can't blame an instructor for objecting if he sees better safety equipment on the driver side than where you expect him to sit.



Since you already have a fox body, I highly recommend you look to buiding it for CMC.

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I've been told I should sell off my car and have one built either for SI or AI, if I decide to go in that direction (moving into TT3 next season). I see the value in doing that, but I'm watching the car go from new/show car to track car and like the direction I'm taking it and at my pace. Might be a little more costly to do it that way, but watching the car go thru the transition and being a part of it is fun and educational. A lot has been done to the car, go fast parts, etc. and the back half has been gutted and roll bar added, so even if I considered selling it, its not really a street car anymore and probably not too much of value to anyone but me. Once we add the roll cage and begin gutting the front half, its in race status all the way.

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