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2006 Pace Rallye 20 ft Enclosed Car Trailer


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Update - price reduced to $4,750 and is ready to go to the new buyer.


I have a 2006 20ft Pace Rallye trailer that was completely *made-over* on the inside a couple of months ago including brand new RaceDeck flooring and fresh interior paint. It has tables, cabinets, toolbox, fluid holders, chair holders, A/C system (roof mounted), (3) 5-gallon fuel jugs, shore power plugs, winch system w/ batteries, tire rack, brand new wratcheting straps purchased a few months ago, 2 axle straps, weight distribution hitch, sway control, Race Ramps, LED lighting throughout interior and all of exterior etc. I have put a lot of money into this trailer over the years. I keep this trailer fresh and clean and its ready to go clear title.


EDIT: Location of Trailer is Orlando, Florida.


A few pictures of the trailer:

















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Florida is way to far from Seattle.. ~$1700 in fuel round trip. UGH.


But, that is the damn nicest 20' trailer I've seen for $5k hands down. GLWS. If you were within 1000 miles of me I would have already wired the money.

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You are absolutely freakin' killin' me!


That is exactly what I am looking for/want, and of course, it's on the wrong damn coast!!!!...Every damn time!!!!!!!!!!


I wonder what shipping would cost? Probably about as much as buying a new one just like it; with my luck.


Lower the price to $4,000 so I can buy it and not throw myself off a damn bridge!

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sorry to hear you're on the west coast. i can't lower the price as it is aggressive to sell rather quickly with all of the amenities this trailer has. it's 100% ready to go to the next home.

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you can always get a quote to ship it out west. if it was $1,000 or less i believe you could consider my trailer for your purchase.


shipping quotes so far are $3,000!

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yes it is included. i am unsure how big it is. its either a 3k or 4k. it pulled up my 3k BMW really easy. powered by two batteries that i keep full charged.

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