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2x NASA Champ PTF/TTF Infiniti G20 w/TITLE FS


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Please text 847 736 7684, email [email protected] or call for even more specifics but this is a well sorted TTF/PTF car that won 2011 TTF and 2012 PTF NASA Nats (did not participate in 2013/14 NATS)


Current 2014 logbook (even 3 new F regional records set in 2014 as well with 12 regional records still standing between TTF/PTF since this car 1st campaigned in 2008 in its 1st TTF session)


Link to 'in action' shots from this year here:


NASA Great Lakes Region Racing at Pittsburgh International


Current 'as sits' photo here:




Engine and trans replaced July 2014 with new clutch and fidenza lightweight flywheel. Best engine this has ever had with only 29k miles out of a former automatic Arizona car.



- the car itself is a 1995 Infiniti G20t from California (not used Chicago winters at all so no nasty midwest rust to deal with) with currently 225,xxx miles on the chassis.


- Clean normal legal valid title able to be registered and plated by the new owner if so desired. (or at least proof of clear ownership with title that goes with it)


- spare engine available to go with car that needs a full rebuild (money shift damage)


- NOT installed carbon fiber hood to be supplied as 'spare' to go with the car


- 2 OEM undamaged front fenders and an old 'damaged but still usable in a pinch' front bumper cover to go as spares


- spare 1995 g20 LSD transmission available to go with the car that needs the input shaft bearings replaced


- SSAC exhaust, copper gasket w/custom 2.5" piping to 2 cherry bombs (just grassroots home-made stuff here)


- custom front power steering cooler


- solid aluminum front and rear motor mounts on the crossmember



- ABS and front ABS brake lines removed eliminating the extra weight/lines from ABS along with goodridge SS lines at all 4 corners w/Super Blue brake fluid in the system



- rear decklid from non-touring car so no more wing (wing costs points we didn't need)


- ARP longer Studs in front hubs


- Hawk DTC-60 race pads up front and HAWK HPS pads in the rear.


- Momo Competition steering wheel w/NRG 2.5 quick release hub


- Front Lower Control Arms have SuperPro bushings installed


- custom offset upper control arms bushings w/delrin to provide some much needed negative camber which are regreasable to keep the water/rust factor out!



- AMR Coilover suspension refreshed fronts in July 2011 (replaced under lifetime warranty from vendor)



- new 2014 battery already relocated where it would be behind passenger (if someone wanted to reinstall a passenger seat that is) properly fused/grounded in battery box for weight offset


- mechanical water temp, oil temp and oil pressure gauges


- digital voltmeter gauge


- A/C completely removed along with all airbags completely removed


- interior gutted (no radio or speakers, no carpet or trim other than rear door panels still in place). Front glass windows set up to be used for 'while parked' or open trailer transport (removed at track when in use).


- no cat converter, no EGR, ABS bulb removed (so no idiot light for ABS lights up)


- CEL is on because of no Cat converter (no testing required for 95 and older cars here in Illinois so yes it is legally titled, could be plated and insured for street driving here if so desired)


- Cobra Evolution composite containment seat on proper COBRA side brackets with custom proper seat back brace (never a worry about being out of date)


- Cage built to NASA specs by RedMist Automotive in Gilbert, IL (annual NASA logbooked since 2012)


- Camlock Gforce driver belt good until December 31 2016 (bought new in 2012)


- Window net new in 2012 (as was the cutoff switch and required fire extinguisher and front tow hook)



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Sent to Dyno at MW/GL season finale on both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend due to 1st place finishes and knocking out the old PTF track record. Happy to report this is the strongest stock engine we've had yet as it showed 134whp w/122 torque (with 2 out of 3 pulls showing 134whp yesterday/Sunday as well)


Photo of Saturday Dyno run:



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October 5th (last race of season) video to share (new PTF track record in this race as well -- before this weekend the former standing PTF record was from 2006)



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