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dp Racing Dan

Midwest guy to go rep at Nationals West needs your help!

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dp Racing Dan

Hey all, I know you all know exactly how expensive it is to go racing, especially if you're travelling far. I've committed myself to doing BOTH nationals this year, as I think it may be my last year I can do it. My wife has been out of work for a while and we are trying to grow our family. The western nats are at my old home-track (now living in Chicago) and I'd LOVE to be able to go race in front of my family and friends that I havent seen in so long.

I've created a FundMe.com account that explains my story a bit better and allows people and businesses to donate/sponsor my effort! Dont feel obligated to donate, but please share this link on facebook or however you can; http://www.fundme.com/en/projects/10235-Help-this-chubby-Mexican-American-chase-the-dream

I appreciate it!

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