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Mylaps (again)


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Not sure the best place to put this as there is no general racing forum and I don't have time to search thru all the results of "mylaps"...


Anybody else get an email from mylaps asking to take a survey? I haven't been back since the change as it was such a disaster...but I wasn't too kind in the survey.

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My feedback was..


I cant review this because the site is so difficult and lacks any useful features that I just don't go there any more. ...and that's the truth! Whoever made the decision to dump the old site in favor of the "styled but worthless version" should be fired IMO.

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I gave a long reply the first time they emailed a survey. I havent been back to that site since.


I don't think it really matters to them since they are the only game in town for transponders. Unless they are trying to make more $ via ads by having ppl visit the site. If that's the case, they failed miserably.

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