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'94 American Iron Mustang


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1994 Mustang with complete Maximum Motorsports suspension including K-member, forward offset front control arms, Coil overs with all four Koni DA's, CC plates, Subframe connectors, Rear lowers, Panhard bar, torque arm, rear shock bearings. Engine is a MC engines and fab 331 Dart block bored and stroked with AFR 2 valve heads(Harland sharp rockers, stud girdles, doubles valves springs, hardened valves with titanium retainers) BBK headers, MSD's new Atomic EFI System, KRC power steering, Tremec TKO600 trans(.82 5th) 3.90 rear gears. Updated fuel cell, full cage NASCAR bars on driver side, Racetech full containment halo seat. Stoptech st40 front brakes, stock rears, Firecharger onboard AFF system. APR carbon fiber rear wing. Makes 357h 358tq at 3212#. Car held track record at Mid Ohio pro course until Oct '14 @1:35:375. Car will be at Daytona NASA SE event in November. For more info call or text 330 464 561four or [email protected]. $21,000

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