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Southeast Region 944Spec Toyo RR and Hawk Pad Giveaway

Jason S.

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In an effort to finish out the year strong, I've coordinated for the ability to giveaway a full set of Toyo Proxes RRs and Hawk Pads for both axles, pad compound of your choice if you are selected. The purpose of this is to spread some of the contingency awards across the field which is why this will be a drawing and not focused on finishing position and to possibly bring more cars into the field that wouldn't normally run with the 944 Spec class (SP2, GTS1, etc.). If your car isn't Spec legal, please contact me first to make sure I can accept your car for competition in the spirit of trying to build car counts. I cant have turbo cars entering for instance.


Rules of the Giveaway


1. Participate in 2 of the remaining 3 SE region events: VIR, Daytona, Road Atlanta.

2. There must be 5 cars entered into the event for those racing to be entered into the drawing.

3. You will receive one entry for each official race run during the event.

4. If you have a 944 racecar that isn't exactly legal for 944Spec racing (ie GTS1, SP2, etc.), you are invited to run if you intend to make your car Spec legal for the 2015 racing season.

5. To win, you cannot be the current series director.


4 individual tires and a set of F and R brake pads will be given away to 6 winners, your name can be drawn up to 2 times.


Those needing 1 more event to be eligible as they competed at VIR:

1. Evans

2. Hurley

3. Joyce

4. Yousko

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