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I have always been too lazy to spend hours shopping around but figured since I'm in need of a new set of front DTC-60 pads before Daytona, I would check with the forum junkies and see what is recommended for getting the best $$ on pads. I (very poorly) track a '13 Mustang GT with Brembos in case by chance anyone has a set they want to part ways with.


I read every month in the NASA Speed News about a "hefty 25% discount" for NASA members but when going to the NASA page with perks from sponsors: no Hawk. I know it's the HawkBrakesDirect.com website but you have to sign in through the NASA main site and link through there to get the discount applied. Is there a code or something I've missed? Any help here would be appreciated. Track pads for my big boned lady are not cheap so every little bit helps.



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NASA Midwest Admin

Andrew Racing would appreciate the opportunity to give you advice on compound selections and price.

for a Mustang with the Ford Racing Brembo calipers we have had many customers like the DTC-60 front and rear combination.

send me an email and we can get you a quote.

[email protected]


We are offering free delivery to Daytona!


Jay Andrew

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Thanks, Guys. I appreciate the tip. Jay, I will email you separately for a quote. Even in the event you are a little more than other places, I'll be happy to give you my business as thanks for supporting NASA-SE and grassroots racing.

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Brake swap is another good source, and he also gives discounts to NASA members. KNS brakes is good also, and they are local to me in Raleigh NC.

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