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Re: FS:1995 TTE/PTE/HC? Honda Civic - SOLD


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For sale is my pride and joy. I have had this car since I was 18 and it was the first car I ever bought. Since then it has been taken care of and slowly converted to a dedicated race car. I have the title and everything. Moving on to a spec miata.


Here is a detailed list of everything you need to know.


1995 Civic Hatchback Chassis converted to SI spec with all major suspension, engine and transmission swapped over

1 Season old D16Z6 completely rebuilt

Flat valves to close up the combustion chambers a bit

Stage 2 cam with upgraded springs and all associated pieces

.5mm over-sized pistons with a set of high compression pistons sitting in the garage that will come with the car

ARP head and rod studs

Shot peened rods

new guides in the head I mean the entire head was built by Abacus racing and I have all of the receipts for the new owner. It was really no expense spared.

Water pump, oil pump, belts, starter, brand new oil pan.

Every single bolt and nut that wasn't available from ARP was replaced with brand new Honda bolts and nuts down to the bolts and nuts for the oil pan. I think the only ones not replaced were the timing cover bolts.

Engine has about 45-50 hours of time trials on it. I also have all of the original valves , springs, cam, gear and all unused bolts will be included.

Spare engine of a JDM D15 with about 20K street miles and 200+ track hours. Made like 115HP at the wheels before I took it out. Burns a bit of oil but a solid engine. I rebuilt it back in 2006. Mostly stock.

DIYPNP Megasquirt EMS(I have a chipped p28 as well)

NGK AFX Wideband

No name header, chopped together exhaust that's 2" all the way back with no cat, resonator or muffler.

Custom mocal oil cooler, remote filter setup. VDO oil pressure gauge and Autometer oil temp(kind of flaky)

Honda S20 gearbox with mfactory 4.9 final and mfactory 1.5way metal plate LSD.

Koni race valved yellow shocks all the way around with ground control top hats. GC 900lbs 6" in rear and 600lbs 7" front. I also have 6" high 1100lb and 700lb springs with the car.

Stock front sway.

Hard race bushings everywhere

hard race rear upper control arms for camber

adjustable front upper control arms with road racing style ball joints are not on the car for points reasons but we get a solid 2 degrees of neg with stock arms. The ones on car were brand new at the beginning of the 2014 season.

New front lower balljoints for 2014, new brake calipers May 2014, new skunk2 front strut brace may 2014, weaponR rear brace is like 5 years old.

Enkei RFP1 wheels with SM6 tires. Lots of heat cycles but all time trials so 15 minutes a session max.

Carbon fiber hood painted to match car, lexan front and rear window. No ballast and empty fuel tank car weighs in at about 1850lbs give or take a few.

Last dyno runs on high power settings car made 130-131fwhp consistently. Engine wasn't loosened up as much as I wanted so it may still have a bit of power left to give. advance timing 3 degs to bring it down about 15hp for classing if you like or just run more ballast and use the full power.

Full SCCA and NASA legal cage.

Every spare part including starters, diffs, OEM steel hood and rear window with mounting hardware come with the car.

Any other questions just message me or call 757-839-1267


Asking price is $6250 obo(I mean it, make an offer and you may just get it) with everything I own for it. Come empty the garage and have some fun at the track!


Pictures and running video will be up soon but feel free to PM yor email for pictures as well.

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Would you be willing to ship the car? If so, I'll link this in the NASA AZ Chatbox and see if someone wants to make the plunge into TTE/PTE (or HC2 underdog) with it.

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Would you be willing to ship the car? If so, I'll link this in the NASA AZ Chatbox and see if someone wants to make the plunge into TTE/PTE (or HC2 underdog) with it.


At the buyers expense. I can also work a deal to meet, again at buyers expense.

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Having driven the car it is sad to see it leave the team. That being said, the giggle to dollar factor with this car is absurd. Loved driving this car and whoever ends up with it will have a blast for sure.


GLWS bud!

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New price $5,250 OBO. Need this to go as I don't have room for it and the new Spec Miata.


Make a reasonable offer and you might have yourself a new car....

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She is a beauty! Hopefully fixed the last annoyance leak (as usual a 2 dollar o-ring causes the most headaches), changed the oil, and put in a new seat. Just brakes and a passenger seat and she will be back ready for the track in a few weeks. .

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