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Team RNR Racing: Driver line up for the 25 Hour


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Team RNR Racing, 2002 E2 Champion, will be defending their title this year. We are proud to announce the driver's line up for the inaugural running of the National Auto Sports Association's 25 Hours of Thunderhill. The regular team drivers, Mike Quan and Derek Ramsey, will be joined by several accomplished drivers.


Mike DiVarro, a member of the 2000 12 Hour E1 Champion team, Allegro Racing, will be joining the team.


Speed World Challenge competitor, Roger Foo will also be in the line up. Roger Foo was a member of Team RNR Racing's winning efforts last year.


Josh Jacquot, the senior editor of Sport Compact Car, will be logging some seat time. Sport Compact Car has its finger on the pulse of the import scene. It is only natural that he would be in a Honda Challenge car for this event. Honda Challenge is one of the innovative series that NASA offers for the import enthusiast.


USTCC and Honda Challenge competitor, Tom Lepper needs no introduction to those in the NASA family. Tom has been a winning motorsports competitor for a very long time.


The team feels fortunate and honored to recieve support from these great sponsors. Auto Innovations, ACT, Cobalt Friction, Griffin Motorwerke, Rota Wheels and Toyo Tires.


Auto Innovations, located in Milpitas, CA, is an automotive perfomance shop. While Auto Innovations works on all makes and models, WRX owners take note, they are a full line dealer for both APS and Prodrive. They are also the exclusive distributor for the hubcentric 15X7 Rota Slipstream. http://www.autoinnovations.com


ACT, Advanced Clutch Technologies, needs little introduction. They are the manufacture of high quality clutches and flywheels. Their product line covers anything from a street replacement to all out ground pounding monster. http://www.advancedclutch.com


Cobalt Friction ask, "who is stopping your race car?" If it isn't Cobalt Friction, you are at a disadvantage. Their line of brake pads provides consistently strong and reliable deceleration. This coupled with long life and low rotor wear make them an unbeatable pad.



Griffin Motorwerke, located in Berkeley, CA, is your professional alternative for servicing and enhancing your vehicle. While known for their expertise with German makes, they are wizards at all of them.



Rota Wheels is the manufacture of high quality wheels. In addition to many popular designs available, Rota offers the Slipstream in a 15X7 with hubcentric fitment for Acura and Honda cars! http://www.rotawheel.com


Toyo Tire offers high quality tires for passenger cars and trucks. In addition, they also are the maker of the spec tire for many of the NASA series. Their RA-1 DOT R tire is without peer for the important combination of grip and durabiltiy. http://www.toyo.com

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