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Pro driver: Dominic Cicero is available for the 25hr


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For more information please follow the link for resume information: http://www.Dominiccicero.com


I am a top-performing Racer and Engineer with Public Relations and Communications background seeking to bring expertise to the table in pursuit of a compelling and challenging strategic driving position. I bringing a strong expertise in media relations, communications and coaching. I have lived abroad 6+ years throughout EU and Asia. Highly accomplished in building brands while acting as companies’ spokesperson and developing objective goals that bring projects and events to completion for national and international ventures.


Factory Renault driver: Formula Campus, Formula Renault 2.0, Formula renault 3.5

Grand-am: Competed in Prototypes and GT cars for 4 years (DP, Crawford, and Riley)(GT and GS, Camaro, Corvette and Porsche)

IMSA: Competed as a factory Driver for Falken tire and works Porsche driver (RSR) Tested and developed PC cars.


Feel free to contact us at


[email protected]

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I have found a ride for the 2015, 25hr. I hope to see everyone at the track in a few weeks.


I am still working on a long term ride for 2015 with the World challenge or the Tudor series, any help or guidance would be much appreciated!


Feel free to contact the above information!


Thanks for all the interest in the 25hr.

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