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GTS4 or 5 Porshce GT3 Cup Race Cars for Sale


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This is a great chance to own a great car and jump into GTS or step up into a higher GTS class. There will be at least 4 of these competing in Great Lakes next year. Maybe as many as 5 right now. These also make great DE cars. Plenty to choose from right now, so come on down to Florida and have your pick.



Up for sale is a 2008 911 GT3 Cup race car. $79,500


The Vin number is WP0ZZZ99Z8S798171


It has 30 hours on the motor since rebuild.

It has only 9 hours on the transmission.

Full data sheet on the leakdown, dyno, shock dyno, compression tests are available.


This is a very nice example of a Porsche GT3 Cup race car. It is in very good condition with no issues. It has a total of 154 hours of run time on it since new.


The car includes the autoblipper. It comes with an extra set of wheels, the wheel travel hold downs, 2 different car covers, air jack wand, and the technical manuals. All of the original purchase paperwork from Porsche.



These cars came up from Brazil. The owner of the cars also owned the dealerships down there. They owned a race series in Brazil and leased the cars to drivers and sold the sponsorship. These guys are no slouches. They currently are running over 30 991 cup cars and about the same number of 997.2 cup cars, so you can imagine the magnitude of their operation and experience. The race groups there are broken into two groups. The 991's are called cup and the 997.2's are called challenge. When the next version of the cup car comes out, then I will end up with the 997.2's to sell.


I originally sold 21 996 GT3 Cup cars and 26 997 GT3 Cup cars. Now I have 17 997's cars left to sell. I have a bulk deal for 15 cars on the table, but the deal is moving too slowly now and I need to get back to selling cars.


You can see dossiers about all of the cars as well as full size pictures here:




I also have pictures of all of the cars as well that are uploaded to that directory. We also have a race version of a Ford GT and a Reiter Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 GT3.


For entertainment, here is a video that Porsche made of the Brazilian group and a 991 cup car.




You can see plenty more videos by searching Porsche GT3 Cup Brasil (not Brazil)


Let me know if there is anything else you would like to know.






Year Car number Price Location

2008 158 $82,500 Miami

2008 160 $83,500 Miami

2007 161 $83,500 Miami

2008 162 $88,500 Miami

2008 163 $86,500 Ohio

2008 164 $80,500 Miami

2008 167 $81,000 Miami

2008 171 $79,500 Miami

2008 173 $84,000 Miami

2009 173 $88,500 Miami

2008 175 $84,000 Miami

2009 176 $84,500 Miami

2008 169 $85,500 Miami

2008 172 $87,500 Miami

2008 174 $82,500 Miami






























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