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2001 Texas Rollback 18' Open Trailer

Jason S.

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Listing my Texas Rollback trailer for sale. Trailer is currently located in Fayetteville, NC. I race in the SE region so I am open to making arrangements for sale at any event. Currently upgrading to an enclosed trailer. This trailer was made for ease of loading and to save low profile front end style cars. I own both a Porsche 944 Racecar and 99 Corvette, neither of which have a problem being loaded on this trailer. Its original owner bought it for use towing a Viper.


I am the fourth owner of the trailer which has spent most of its life in Texas before the military moved me out to NC. Trailer has a wind fearing on the front that completely covers the car's nose, two storage compartments, removable fenders, spare tire and spare tire mount. It also has several lights powered off aux power from the tow vehicle for light while loading at night. Trailer was gone through and serviced by a shop in the local area last spring to include servicing bearings, brakes, seals, etc. Pictures available upon request. Trailer available as soon as Ive purchased its replacement. Price is $3500.

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Operates just like this:



My trailer is black, and the fenders are held on with posts and wing nuts rather than a clevis pin like in the video.

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