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275/35/R18 Continentals


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This seasons Tudor United Sportcar series take offs.

These are Continental Extreme Contact DR tires.

they have 2 or 3 heat cycles.

In very good condition. Lot's of life left for track days or weekend racing.

They come off a championship contender car in GS.

I have 6 sets of 4 with 2 stranglers

60$ per tire with shipping

These cost 450$ each new.

These are bad ass tires with plenty of life.

I'll post pics as soon as I get time. I just got these home today.

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PM Sent

Shipping has been averaging around 25$ per tire up and down the east coast.

Probably a bad time to sell race tires but they will be good for next season.

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Give me the city and zip code. When ever I give Fed Ex the zip code they always want the city name too. I don't know why but they do.

Also, I'm in Greensboro NC. I have a jobsite in Chesterfield Co. VA. I travel up there about once a week.

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I'm working out of town and I forgot my laptop. As soon as I get in Thursday evening I will check on your shipping.

I've just got 9 sets.

These where manufactured in November 2014 and used at Imsa Tudor Daytona weekend for qualifying and practice.

Thanks Lee

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I've got 3 sets of, I'll call them grade "A" tires left. I'll sell these for 50$ each.These are in great shape with alot of rubber left.

I have 2 sets of grade "B" tires. 40$ each. They are good tires just come from the end of a session and have a lot of rubber boogers all over them. Which would come off on a couple of hot laps.

I also have 2 sets of "C" tires. 25$ each. These have good rubber left just have some bluing on outer edges. I think they would still be good but deserve a discount. Racing season is just getting started so they won't last long.

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Shipping prices to 45150? Extremely interested in a set of the grade A tires. Please hold them for me.

$89.52 for four 3 day shipping. I can ship them tomorrow.

I can PM you my Paypal account.

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