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E46 M3 GTS3 Build Help - San Diego


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So I just picked up this hot mess to turn into my next race car.



The previous owner put it into a curb and the strut tower metal got tweaked. Insurance totaled it and I picked it up for cheap.


Long-term plan is to race it in GTS3. Short-term plan is to strip it, get it fixed, freshened up, and run some HPDEs to maintain some track time.


While stripping it, pulling the motor, and getting it fixed is going to take some time, I'm looking for a local (as close to North San Diego County as possible) shop and/or racer to talk to about the build. I made some mistakes with my 944 build that cost me later by having to sell of parts or redo things and I would like to avoid that us much as possible during this slow build. I plan on bending some of your ears at 2015 events, but it would be nice to talk with some folks sooner and save me from trying to decipher the rule book (I'm a visual person so sometimes it's hard to figure out what it's trying to tell me) incorrectly. My biggest concern being the roll cage build, which I don't want to do anything serious (aka expensive) that would make the car ineligible (like passing through the firewall to the strut towers).


So who wants to be my friend?


PS: I'm not above buying your friendship (or at least some of your time) with beer.

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I just picked up something similar... to turn into a track car.


Where are you located in San Diego? Shoot me a PM, as soon as my lift is installed I'll be starting on my suspension.


good luck!

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