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NASA Northeast 2014-2015 iRacing Leauge

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We are going to have a winter season again this year. Open to anyone in NASA. You don't need a comp licence or anything. Search "NASA NORTHEAST" in the league view and ask to join. Same format as last year with a similar track schedule except we are going to have the last race at VIR of course !!!


Track schedule will probably include NJMP, Summit Point, Watkins Glen, Limerock, VIR and maybe Road Atlanta.


We are thinking about adding Sebring, Mid Ohio, and Daytona. Not sure if we'll have time. The hosting rate is so cheap I think we'll probably try and get 5-6 admins and you guys can just host races whenever so that means the other free tracks could possibly be used.


We are probably going to revise the Thunder group cars this year. It will either be GT3 cars or V8 Supercars. Personally I think the Supercars are hard to drive but I'll leave it up to you guys.


Just a reminder but the iRacing Black Friday sale is normally the cheapest deal of the year. Don't miss out if you're interested in just trying for a year.


Peace !



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