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CMC for 2015


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Hello all - new for 2105 looking to run in the CMC class. Was initially planning a build but found a reasonably priced car out in the Rocky Mountain region and it should be here next week. Noticed the new schedule and it really looks good being I am in Charlotte.


My primary question is turnout for CMC. Looking at the SE results this season, turnout looks low. Anyone with thoughts on 2015? Have noticed mid atlantic has decent CMC #'s and with VIR only 3 hours out guess that could be a plan B. I'll be at Atlanta in December for HPDE. Car's a black 88 mustang hatchback.



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Darren...not sure where you are located, but you need to talk with the two longtime SE CMC'ers Pete Urbanski and Greg Houseman. They have been running CMC for a long time & can help you make some decisions on your car & tracks. Mid-Atlantic had a couple of guys who ran the Road Atlanta events and East coast Championships in 2014, but they may focus on the VIR events for 2015 as the East Coast Championships will be there for 2015. This year was odd for Mid-Atlantic as we had a lot of folks that couldn't commit to a full season. Both SE & Mid-Atlantic have a lot of folks that run with both regions and you won't find better regional directors than Jim Pantas and Chris Cobetto!

Welcome to the world of CMC.


David DeJarnette CMC #678


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Thanks David


I am in Charlotte and thus setup well for the SE region and the 2015 schedule. Guess for now will focus on getting car ready (it arrived today) and to work through HPDE and comp. license. Will see how the numbers shake out and than decide where to run accordingly. Very much looking forward to it.

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People worrying about "where the numbers shake out" is part of how/why car counts go up and down. Just get out there as often as possible, be part of the solution! There is no reason not to run CMC with mid atlantic at VIR, should be at least 3-4 events on the 2015 schedule and that's a great bunch of guys

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