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Final 2015 Rules Posting?


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First of all I have to apologize for not making a recommendation prior to Nov 30th, but it seems that every year the AZ Region season starts in early January, this year our first event is Jan 10. Thus we are always scrambling to get our current Dyno sheets, classing sheets, racing license, medicals, annual techs, etc, etc, during the holidays and it seems we are always pleading for the various forms, rules to be released as soon as possible.


I can't even imagine the time it takes the various rules directors to discuss all the proposed changes, so would it be beneficial to have the cut off date for proposed rules changes to be moved up to October 30th, that way the directors would have sufficient time to deliberate proposed changes and get the final forms out by Dec 1st?


This may accomplish a couple of things:

Give our rules directors ample time to review changes, and not have guys bugging them during the holidays.

Release the various rules, classing sheets with ample time for people on the west to prepare/class their cars.


I know you guys shoveling snow back east are saying "cry me a river", but we got to get our racing in now while its 70 because in June its 100+ and the last thing you want to be doing is sitting in a race suit when its 130+ in a race car.


Thanks for the consideration.

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