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HPDE 3 and 4 Safety


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I worked grid for several race clubs including Texas NASA Region, I do walk a lot thru the grid to do tons of safety check like, locked hoods, hoods pins, doors closed, windows down on Porsche's i make sure the engine hood on the rear is close and locked. I also check the driver harness, chin strap. But occasionally I see race cars like the Exocet or open wheels, and the drivers don't have arms restrains. This is not a requirement for HPDE, but at level 3 and 4 these driver with these cars go fast around the track.

How can this be enforced?


I do drive a BMW HPDE 3 and I push the car pretty good I do have a 4 point roll bar with harness and soon to have a HANS device but I don't have a window net again this is not a requirement. But....


Opinions are welcome.

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Unfortunately we don't realize what we're missing til we've experienced it. I ran my SRT8 way too fast considering it was my daily driver street car withour any track prep other than brakes. Now that I have a competition license and full racecar/gear, I'd never get back in my SRT8 like I drove it before.

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