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Running a car and maybe 2


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I'm very interested in doing this series if the running costs are relative to the prize fund it should attract? But as always will anyone turn up to watch what drivers can offer sponsors in a real package?

I know it's not on the pWC calendar but still the marketing behind it must warrent the 60k asking price, but I'm guessing after all the extras and build cost 90k is a realistic turn key price.


I would buy a car and run a second customers car if the figures worked out, to make the testing and annual season running costs down to sensible nasa level racing-

- anyone thinking of buying a car and would like it run for them with me, maybe fire an email over

[email protected]

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The kit includes everything but fuel, fluids and safety belts/nets to build a running NP01

It also includes an AIM MXL2 dash as standard.

We estimate it will take 80 - 100 hours to assemble one with no welding or fabrication required.

This being the case, if you assemble the car yourself, it should be possible to have an NP01 complete and track ready for $65,000 plus the cost for belts, fluids, fuel, transponder and any other options added like fuel dry breaks, helmet cooler, cool suit, etc.

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