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NASA Central Region and GAA expand into NASA-X!

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NASA Central Region in a partnership with Gateway Autocross Association is pleased to announce the introduction of NASA-X in 2015.


The schedule will focus on the St. Louis metro area in the debut season with expansion to other parts of NASA Central Region planned for 2016. NASA-X offers a different kind of autocross experience with the focus on fun, learning and building competition. As a driver you can expect more of everything you love about autocross!


The Gateway Autocross Association team has over 100 years of combined experience in the sport. Director of NASA X for Central Region was literally born into the sport when he attended his first events in 1979. Whitworth started competing in 1988 when he turned 16 and has competed in multiple cars from the local level to nation championship competition. He also has skills in event operations have been recognized nationwide.


Chris Hammond, Gateway Autocross Association’s Chief of Communications and PR, met Dave when he attended an autocross school taught be Dave Whitworth. Chris has driven at the top levels in championship autocross competition, scoring many top finishes. Hammond is well known in the autocross community via his website work and brings over 10 years of operational experience to the team. Joining Dave and Chris on the executive team are Janice Rick, Carlo Russo and Jose Hernandez.


Dave Whitworth, owners of Gateway Autocross Association said, “When the opportunity came along to start a new autocross club under the NASA banner came up it was one I could not pass up. This fits my skill sets and love of the sport of autocross and this is the perfect time to take advantage of everything coming together.”


"I have known Dave since he was first running around at events as a kid and we share the common bond of growing up at autocross and road racing events in the St. Louis area. There is no one better qualified to bring NASA-X to NASA Central Region and I am very excited to not only take part but to watch the sport grow. I met Chris through Dave and his skills mirror Dave’s. They are a formidable team in the autocross world.” said Bryan Cohn, Chief of Driver Development, NASA Central Region.


Matt Rivard, NASA Central Region Regional Director said,” I met Dave when we held open house events at home of Izzy’s Custom Cages and Solo Performance Specialties, Dave’s autocross focused parts store/merchandise company. When he inquired originally I was very excited to add NASA-X to our program and there is no one better to do so than Dave, Chris and their team. 2015 is going to be an exciting time for us all!”


Schedule and Information can be found on the website: http://www.gatewayautox.com



NASA Central Contact:

Bryan Cohn

Chief of Driver Development

NASA Central

[email protected]

417 540 2595

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