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FIA Intl license recognition


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Hey y'all,


I´m a driver from Germany. I volunteered for NASA-SE once last year and I expect to come back to the US this fall. This time I´ll stay for a couple of years at least. I really liked NASA and plan to do some HPDE, TT or whatever I´ll feel like and can afford.


I currently hold an International FIA license grade D and if everything goes well I might be able to upgrade it to grade C before coming to the US.


So my question is, are the Intl. FIA licenses recognized by NASA to get a competition or TT license? Is there a list with recognized licenses?





Edit: I just noticed this probably should have been posted in "Ask a question", not "Questions & Answers". Sorry!

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Thanks! I also found the appropriate section in the CCR:


14.1.2 FIA, Grand Am, IMSA license holders

Regional, National, Pro:

1. Submit a copy of their current license.

2. Submit a copy of their state driver’s license.

3. Submit a copy of their last Physical Exam Form.

4. Submit the appropriate license fee.

5. Submit an Application for Competition License


The only thing probably causing trouble is that the "Physical Exam Form" is usually in the language of the organization giving out the license. So in my case for example German.


With a competition license you are still allowed to run HPDE and TT events, correct? (Probably not really going to need a competition license...)

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Just regular US driver's license needed for DE.


TT is license similar to Racing but lower bar, I suspect with your race license & experience you could qualify pretty quickly for this by talking with your local region, showing them that yeah you're smart & safe driver on track, etc.


Racing you very well could get licensed for quickly as well, just depends on experience & all that too. They may want to verify a few more things before just throwing you out there and all that though.


Probably wouldn't hurt to just get a fresh medical exam in the US. Your existing exam could be fine & acceptable (I'd verify with NASA HQ License guy) but it never hurts to go to the doc and get looked at periodically...


Read up on the NASA CCRs / Rules - there are some flags that are treated a little differently (notably red flag) also.

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I believe there is simply a paperwork process involved with getting NASA to recognize and approve your FIA License for competition here.


And usually approval by the regional director or licensing director for the region in question - to make sure all training and experience is equivalent, and to make sure all NASA racers are as safe and skilled as possible. Possibly a comp school, or just a written test, too. All depends on the driver and their resume. So, to the OP, just talk to Pantas if you're planning to return to the SE region...

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