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Outlaw SRF


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OK, so the current spec SRF will be phased out by 2018. One option is to convert the car to Gen 3 specs. This is mainly an engine change that provides ~25 more horsepower, and 100 lbs less weight. But it will cost you ~$15K.


$15K for 25 horsepower doesn't sound like a great deal to me. So why don't I spend that $15K engine swap budget to put in a better engine. Something with 60+ more horsepower sounds a lot better than 25 (thinking Honda B, K, or Toyota ZZ series).


So where would such an outlaw SRF fit (SCCA may or may not allow it in ASR, they did not allow outlaw conversions of the original Renault Sports)? The current SRFs are allowed in PTB, so could a re-engined car move to ST without the non-production penalty (+0.7 in ST3)? Could they also avoid the HUGE +2.0 weight penalty for cars under 1800lb, like Thunder Roadsters, among others do?

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I'm pretty sure the SRF->PTB conversion would stick for the old motors/old setups (Gen2). I'm pretty sure if you showed up with a Gen3 SRF today you'd get a tech bulletin written pretty quickly to push you to PTA, I mean, ST3.


I'd also be in favor of an SRF-based car with an alternate motor being allowed ST_ help similar to Legends, TurdRoasters, etc. They just get the help avoiding the sub-1800lb hit though and not the non-prod deal though last I looked.


Got my first real up close look at these cars a few weekends ago. Garage full of them at TWS. They look pretty fun!

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Greetings -

I too have an SRF that is looking for an engine. It is/was an SRR ( Gen 1 - Renault 1.7L Alliance). The rings are a problem in cylinder 3 & 4, so rather than go to a GEN2 engine - I'm currently Logged as SPU in the other club and would be SU here, I reckon.


Need to sort some engine ideas. There are some interesting options to get to well over 150-200HP and stay non-turbo. Base weight should still be under 1600 pounds.


Inquiring if anybody has gone down this path - or just considering at this point.


BTW - they are a BLAST!


Cheers - Jim

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hey ken

In case you do not know the spelling it is called Thunder Roadster, and yes they are fast and fun and economical. a bet of respect for the thunder roadster owners would be nice.

have a good day



st3 thunder roadster

team Texas

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