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First time tracking a car.. Needed some advice- Mustang GT


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You'll do fine with that setup - I ran HP+ and ATE Typ 200 the first couple years in my 2011 GT.


Since you don't have the Brembos or the brake ducts, definitely be mindful of any feeling of squishiness in the brake pedal. It's better to come in a lap early than to cook your fluid.

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From my experience, you'll run maybe 30% of you and the cars ability while in DE1 & 2, maybe up to 40% in DE2. DE1 & 2 will teach you the basics and skills needed for safe-fast driving. Seat time and downloads (discussions) are great tools. The setup you are planning will be fine and as you get better and faster, you'll know when its time to upgrade some more. Its a learning curve, soak it all in and have fun.

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Road Atl is my home track. I instruct there a lot.

With the HP+ pads be SURE your instructor knows that bit of information!

I typically use the braking zone into turn 10A as a tool to show the student that their car can BRAKE a lot harder then they are used to on the street.

A few laps under hard braking can cause the brakes to lose effectiveness (boil fluid or pad fade). The good news is if you do that just go straight into the trap - it will slow you down.

I had a student a couple of weeks ago that just had "auto parts store pads" and he had bad fade after 2 laps of braking into the turn. Because I knew what pads he was using we went on a couple of easy laps to bring them back enough to brake hard for 10A.


You will have a blast! Listen to your instructor and attempt to follow their directions.


One more thing, when you cross under the bridge after 10B they did NOT take the track away, its still there, wait a heartbeat or two and you'll see it again as you head into turn 12

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Hey guys,


Wanted to say thanks to you all for the suggestions again and share my first time DE1 experience.


Well it was great, and an awesome learning experience. First off, the brakes worked awesome. They are definitely racing brakes and I think they'll last 3-4 more weekends. The stock rear brakes didn't show much wear though. The front wheels are now completely black from the brake dust. And they're noisy like hell on the streets. Brake dust even from normal driving. I think I need to change them back to the stocks.


But now I know my car's limits. Rainy wet Saturday morning to dry Sunday. Started from knowing nothing about the track to passing, corvette's and a few handling cars by later on Saturday and Sunday. Ofcourse I was passed by miatas as I wasn't very good at the corners. But I did pick up speed in the corners towards the end. I did make a mistake on one session on Sunday..took turn 1 too early and went off the next shoulder. But I did well not to spin off and stopped safely on the grass...dunno if I can explain how I felt then, knowing this is the only car I have. But no harm was done and I went back in again in the next session and did well.


I hope to be back again on track at CMP. But I heard I need better brakes for CMP and the ones I have won't last even for one weekend there? That true?


A shot from the weekend:


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Nice looking Mustang.


Glad you enjoyed yourself and got the car home in one piece.

Haven't run at CMP yet but I doubt you will run through brakes in a weekend unless you are running at a race pace.



Its always good to have a spare set as the second half of the pad wears a lot quicker than the first half as it doesn't have as much material to dissipate heat.

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Sounds like a good outing. I also track a 2014 Mustang GT and have a decent amount of experience with the car at this point. Feel free to message me if you have any questions about tracking the Mustang - they do quite well with a few modifications!

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