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Suspension/Spring testing update


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Jon has informed me that they are planning to do some testing of new springs on March 20th at VIR. There are some shipping issues that might impact the timing of the testing, but I wanted everyone to know that Jon and RRT are working hard to keep this rolling along. After testing, data will be reviewed and any next steps will be discussed/determined at that time.


Hope everyone is getting ready for a fun-filled year!!!



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Thanks for the update on suspension. What are they actually testing? Are they looking at lap time differences?


If folks are already running into delivery/shipping issues, is that a not so good sign already which was one of the reasons we wanted to move from the vogtlands if I'm remembering correctly.


Do we have some back up alternatives if these don't perform as expected?

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The objective of the testing is to get some data on spring rates, building on what was done last October. Once the data is in along with driver impressions, i think the next step will be defined. I wouldn't look to much into the shipping thing. I just mentioned it is a possible hick-up to testing. Availability is definitely a key aspect in picking the next supplier. I don't think we are locked into anything right now.


Jon and I will keep everyone posted on things going forward. I personally can't wait to see the new springs in action. I think it is going to be a big improvement.


Whoop whoop!

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