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NASA Decals

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I will try to have a few on hand if anyone is interested in purchasing these at Gateway. Vinyl decals cut from a 6 year oracal vinyl. I did vinyl for 3 of the Miatas that will be out there this weekend. Happy to do special requests. My only current limitation is one of the dimensions has to be about 22" or it has to be cut in half for those wanting to cover a car.


I've also done numbers and contingency decals (mazda, bfgoodrich, hawk). Shoot me a message or an email joe_mossie@hotmail.com if interested in something in particular and we can talk price, feasibility, etc...


The one below is just a little over 12" wide. I have most colors and am happy to order certain colors for anyone looking for something in particular. Thanks for looking.





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Thank you to everyone who's reached out. We've done several NASA decals and even some larger stuff as well. A lot of creativity among this group!


Andrew Lanning's Mazda Miata



Team Piata



Erik Cassen's Black Hammer



Bryan Cohn's Mazda Miata


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