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2021 Technical Bulletins

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Al Watson

2/21/21 AIX

5.12. Roll Cage
The roll cage must comply with the roll cage standards of the NASA CCR. However, a roll cage
may also provide additional chassis stiffening through the use of alternative mounting points. As
such, the roll cage mounting points are unrestricted. The roll cage may also pass through the
firewall and attach to the front shock towers. Additional bracing may also be welded to the front
of the shock tower and extend forward and down to the forward most part of the original frame
rail. This bracing may not pass through the shock tower and must not form the upper mounting
point for an aftermarket SLA system as the SLA must still remain within the original shock
The mounting plate material must conform to the specification in the NASA CCR but the
plate size and design is unrestricted. Interior body panels and sheet metal may be bent or altered
to accommodate the roll bar design.

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Al Watson


7.3 c) To facilitate transmission and/or driveshaft fitment or access

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