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NASA AZ @ WHPMP West Track - June 6, 2015 **Early AM**

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Registration is now open @ https://www.nasaproracing.com/events/2096


Join on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/events/1386915481633808/



Event Details:

Beat the Heat (Early morning schedule)

HPDE 1-4

NASA Time Trials

NASA Race Groups (Test & Tune Only)

UMS Tuning Time Attack Series



Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park; West Track


20,000 S. Maricopa Road

Chandler, AZ 85226

Enter at “Gate 3” and take the first right after passing the ticket gate


Friday (early) Setup

There will not be early access on Friday. Load in will start on Sat morning @ 4AM.


Event Schedule

Draft schedule attached (below)


HPDE Tech Inspection

Please print and fill out a tech form prior to arriving to tech http://www.nasaproracing.com/images/rules-forms/form_hpde_tech.pdf


TT Annual Tech Inspection

TT cars can go through the normal HPDE tech line but need to fill out the annual tech form (not the HPDE form) and bring their log book. http://www.nasaproracing.com/forms/annual_race_tech.pdf


Race Annual Tech Inspection

All race cars must have their 2015 annual inspection completed by one of the authorized shops prior to arriving onsite OR be pre-registered (onsite fee and limited spots available) for an onsite annual tech inspection. http://www.nasaproracing.com/forms/annual_race_tech.pdf


Classing TT & Race

All competitors classing sheets will be publicly posted here http://www.nasaaz.com/category/competition-classing/ (classing sheets & dynos near the bottom of each respective page). If your respective series classing rules for 2015 were not published with at least 30 days notice (Example: Honda Challenge), those specific series/classes will still be able to compete under the 2014 rules and/or 2014 classing sheets. All current classing sheets (and dyno if applicable) for TT, PT, ST & GTS needs to be posted on the website (links below) or turned in onsite before the first competition session to avoid being up-classed. The preference is to submit classing sheets to Jeff Abrams jeff@mazdamaniac.com so he can update prior to arriving onsite.


The most current rules can always be found here https://www.nasaproracing.com/rules


Race Group Classing sheets --> http://www.nasaaz.com/competition-classing/rg/

Time Trial Classing sheets --> http://www.nasaaz.com/competition-classing/tt/


Classing Time Attack

Make sure you check out this thread http://forums.nasaaz.com/showthread.php?t=6340


Driver Info / Registration

• Will be located near the NASA AZ trailers (see paddock map)

• If you are not wearing your waiver wrist band you may be asked by Driver Info to sign the waiver again

• HPDE1 will need to “check in” with registration. All other groups will receive their wristbands from their respective Group Leader directly after the Drivers Meeting

• Onsite registration available (with a late fee) for groups that are not already sold out


Transponder Rentals

• Need to be checked out at registration

• Need to be returned to registration within 30 mins of your final session to avoid a late fee

• Time Attack competitors: If you rented a transponder for your TA session, it is only available for your TA laps. If you need a transponder for TT or Race group you will be required to pay for a full weekend rental.


Drivers Meetings / Downloads

The mandatory drivers meeting for all drivers (HPDE, TT, Race) will be held at Driver Info. All group breakout meetings and download locations will be announced by your respective Group Leader directly after the morning drivers meeting.


Timing and Scoring

• Results will be posted on our sign easels at Driver Info. If errors are found, please bring this to the attention of the TT / Race Director immediately to get corrected.

• Please remember to update your member profile with updated car and transponder information --> http://forums.nasaaz.com/showthread.php?t=6996



The club will have bottled water available for staff/volunteers @ registration. Water is also available to participants and guests @ 2 for $1 using the self serve cash box.


Food Service

Lulu and her infamous Taco Truck will be there!



• Chevron less than a mile away has all the regular pump grades.

• Loves gas station just on the other side of I-10 has all grades of fuel including 100 unleaded and 110 leaded race fuel.




0 4:00 AM n/a Gates Open for all

0 4:15 AM n/a Tech Opens

0 4:30 AM n/a Registration Opens

0 5:30 AM 5:40 AM 0:10 Mandatory Drivers Meeting at the NASA AZ trailer

1 6:00 AM 6:20 AM 0:20 HPDE4

2 6:20 AM 6:35 AM 0:15 TT & Race (Small Bore)

3 6:35 AM 6:50 AM 0:15 TT & Race (Big Bore)

4 6:50 AM 7:10 AM 0:20 HPDE3

5 7:10 AM 7:30 AM 0:20 HPDE2

6 7:30 AM 7:50 AM 0:20 HPDE1

7 7:50 AM 7:55 AM 0:05 Time Correction (extra time given to HPDE1 if possible)

8 7:55 AM 8:10 AM 0:15 HPDE4

9 8:10 AM 8:25 AM 0:15 TT & Race (Small Bore)

10 8:25 AM 8:40 AM 0:15 TT & Race (Big Bore)

11 8:40 AM 8:55 AM 0:15 HPDE3

12 8:55 AM 9:10 AM 0:15 HPDE2 - UMS Tuning Time Attack Meeting @ Tech

13 9:10 AM 9:25 AM 0:15 HPDE1

14 9:25 AM 9:40 AM 0:15 HPDE4

15 9:40 AM 9:55 AM 0:15 TT & Race (Small Bore)

16 9:55 AM 10:10 AM 0:15 TT & Race (Big Bore)

17 10:10 AM 10:25 AM 0:15 HPDE3

18 10:25 AM 10:35 AM 0:10 UMS Tuning Time Attack

19 10:35 AM 10:50 AM 0:15 HPDE2

20 10:50 AM 11:05 AM 0:15 HPDE1

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