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NASA Central Region Event #2 May 10, 2015

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The Events...


•Our next event in Sunday May 10, 2015 at Gateway Motorsports Park in the drag lot. We would like to take this opportunity to formally invite you to enter our event and experience our brand of autocross.

•Mothers Day Promotion - Bring your mom to the event and she can race for free!

•ONLINE REGISTRATION LINK (If you don't want to pre-register, can you always enter on site for no penalty.

•Here's a link to what you missed out on at our first event (TL;DR - 5 morning runs, 7 afternoon, free t-shirts, Easter eggs)

Features of our events


•Flexibility - run the AM or PM session for only $35 and only spend 1/2 the day at the event, Or for $15 more, run both sessions and get all the seat time (event 1 full day entrants got 12 runs total) Here is our event day schedule.

•Classing - Use the NASA-X classing which is perfect for dual use cars not already prepped to another rule set. Or, enter INDEX and use an SCCA class and index to compare to the other drivers!

•Fun! Low key, laid back events with good courses, great announcing, live results on your phone or tablet, minimum hassle and a lot of runs!

Half Day Flexibility, or full day run overload - get your autocross fix with Gateway Autocross!


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Gateway Autocross just completed our second event in the 2015 Reunion Tour.


Huge thanks to all of the entrants who have run our events - we hope you have had fun!


The weather was perfect, all day. Both morning and afternoon sessions got 8 runs each on a challenging, flowing ~50 second course.


While the majority of our entrants took advantage of the full day $50 entry (16 runs for $50, what a deal) several ran either the morning or afternoon sessions ($35/8 runs!) - one morning entrant got his runs and was leaving the site before noon and another afternoon entrant did not show up until around 12:30.


These initial two events were scheduled on holidays because of site availability and were designed to be "soft opening" events for our staff to work out as many bugs as possible.


Our remaining events are June 21, July 19 (both at Family) and November 8 at Gateway.


Keep an eye on your email and Social Media for details on some great promotions for entry to these remaining events to make them even a better deal.

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