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FS: Mustang S197 (05-14) EBC Brake Pads

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I've changed my Mustang up to the GT500 Brembo package and have no need for the base/GT brake pads anymore.


Can bring to GL and MW events.


I will denote burnished or used. I burnish (drive for week and do a bedding cycle) all my pads when I get them for full performance and quick changes. Both have non-corrosive dust that is easy to clean and wash off.


BlueStuff have good initial bite and intermediate torque. Great pad for aggressive daily driving, AX, and open road course days. I liked this pad because I could drive to the track with them, run laps, and drive home.


AX at Grattan Raceway:



OrangeStuff were my daily driver. Contrary to EBCs marketing, they do bring a car to a stop quite well. Very linear feel. Good pedal pressure.


NASA Time Trails at Grattan:




EBC BlueStuff NDX

2 front sets of EBC BlueStuff NDX (DP51868NDX) - Burnished

New $212.

$180 ea OBO





1 rear set of EBC BlueStuff NDX (DP51870NDX) - Burnished

New $155

$130 OBO



Set (while set exists) $300 Shipped



Product Information

The BlueStuff NDX race formula is an ultra high friction race pad with a friction level peaking above 0.6 under braking, which will generate more G force than most pads out there if not all. BlueStuff is capable of street use as it bites well from cold. The big advantage of this pad is that it is one of the world's first and only out of the box pre-bedded race pads, which means the surface is 'Heat Seared ' or scorched' at the factory .This gives amazing reductions in pad bed in time on street or track. Also being a non metallic Aramid base NDX reduces rotor wear and eliminates the firework display spark emitted in high speed braking by competitive semi-metallic although NDX is not a low dust pad. There is an amount of dust with these pads. Rotor wear is however drastically reduced and pad life enhanced. Rotors wear smooth and flat without ridges



World's first street and true track pad

Factory heat scorched to reduce bed in times to minutes

World's first chemical interlayer system for super strong pad bond to backing plates

Huge lifetime almost double previous EBC products

Easy on rotors, surfaces are left smooth and not scored

Low heat transfer, balanced heat sink

Great release, pads let go as soon as you do

Deep V grooves catch dirt dust and debris and improve venting.


EBC OrangeStuff

1 front set of EBC OrangeStuff (DP91210) - Used 70% remaining

New $230

$130 OBO



1 rear set of EBC OrangeStuff (DP91741) - Used 70% remaining

New $140

$90 OBO



Set $220 Shipped


Product Information

The OrangeStuff are a semi-metallic pad composition with a grip approx. 0.5 Mu for the first brake and will not drop below 0.4 Mu which is quite stable and would not be noticed in race use, these pads do not fade. Following on from the huge success of the EBC BlueStuff NDX range, customer demand has indicated the need for a more aggressive full race material for track only use that is not required to bring a vehicle to rest and this has led to the development of the orange grade material. The material will be dusty and slightly more aggressive on brake rotors, which is the trade off when using a full race pad and cannot be avoided.


If you wish to drive your car to the track and race it, you cannot use the OrangeStuff pads. It is not European street legal or safe and is not ECE R 90 street legal. Even in countries where there is no such consideration of ECE R 90 (a European brake safety regulation) these pads are not designed for highway style driving, because they are designed to scrub off speed from track use. OrangeStuff is meant for closed circuit racing only.



Factory heat scorched to reduce bed in times to minutes

Longer wear life by 40-60%

Chemical interlayer system for super strong pad bond to backing plates

Better initial bite & fade resistance at high disc temps

Deep V grooves catch dirt dust and debris and improve venting

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